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Servo Voltage Stabilizer

Servo Voltage StabilizerThe dependency on stabilizers has amplified in the recent years owing to the damaging outcome of fluctuations on electronic equipment. The occurrence of high voltage and low voltage simultaneously produces negative impact on electric circuit and thus damages electric mechanism. As a solution to this dangerous electric issue, Servo Voltage Stabilizers have happened to be the paramount medium.

Servo Voltage Stabilizers control the excessive current and helps in boosting up the life span of several electric devices. It also protects the electric instruments from any type of breakage. These Automatic Servo Voltage Stabilizers are fit together by utilizing advanced technology and excellent quality resources at our workplace. A Servo Voltage Stabilizer guarantees proper and persistence voltage all the time regardless of the fluctuation of the main power. Basically, it ensures a constant current of 400 V even if the main voltage is less or more than 400 Volts. The Servo Stabilizers are intended to provide high competence and accurate in efficient voltage control of all types electrical load – whether it is through resistance, capacitance or induction. They also ensure that the power generation is not affected by variations in power factor, frequency of the current and load.

Advantages of Servo Voltage Stabilizers –

  • Constant voltage ensures safety and longevity of your high-priced electronic equipment such as Washing Machines, Refrigerators, LED TV, Computers, Motors, etc. at our homes and workplaces.
  • Short circuit safety attribute of our Servo Stabilizer guarantees the secured surroundings.
  • Significant cutback in electricity bills as the voltage is constant at all times and minimum current is extracted by your energy meter.
  • The generator does not start, in case of the voltage fluctuation and therefore there is a saving in the diesel cost.

RECONS, is one of most recognized Voltage Stabilizer Manufacturers and suppliers who offer technically advanced Stabilizers. Our range of voltage stabilizers encompasses many features. Here is why should you choose RECONS?

Why Servo Voltage Stabilizers from RECONS?

  • Our stabilizer offers smooth, rugged, and hasty voltage improvement
  • User-friendly control panel and high-efficiency
  • The stabilizer has a speedy response time of 10secs
  • It has short circuit, phase reversal, and overload reinforcement.
  • It is also outfitted with manual modification of current using Potentiometer and a high regulation
  • Our ranges of stabilizers are diminutive and compress in dimension.

RECONS, is one of the most brilliant Voltage Stabilizer Manufacturers when it comes to manufacturing transformers. These devices make your life less problematic and save your electrical appliances from damage. If you want to purchase a quality transformer, simply contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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