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Dry Type Transformer

Dry Type TransformerDry type transformer is just appropriate for inside installations in volatile atmospheric zones and for occupied places such as multiplex, malls, etc. Such transformers call for least amount of maintenance which results into years of painless service. Unlike liquid filled stabilizers which are frozen with oil or flame-retardant dielectric, dry type transformer units make use of only environmentally protected, UL and CSA acknowledged high temperature insulation systems. A dry type transformer renders a safe and sound power supply which does not necessitate incombustible vaults or the exhausting of toxic and contaminated gasses. These highly essential safety features allow the setting up of dry type transformers inside edifices close to the load, which develops overall system regulation and downgrades costly secondary line losses.

RECONS, is one of the highly acclaimed Dry Type Transformers Manufacturers and exporters. We tend to deliver transformers that are used for management and supervision of voltage and current supply. We strive to manufacture Dry Transformer with excellent quality raw material obtained from well-recognized merchants. Our range of Dry Type Transformers is extensively cherished by our potential clients all through the world for their inimitable quality and enduring performance

Features of Dry Type Transformers –

  • Fireproof and self extinguishing
  • Free from any regular maintenance
  • Highly compressed & therefore provides high suppleness at the time of installation
  • Low operational charges
  • High Resistance to dynamic circuit stresses
  • High Impulse & High Short Circuit Strength
  • Unaffected by temperature variations

Why Choose Dry Type Transformers?

RECONS Dry Transformer exporter or Dry Transformer supplier offers the technology that may intensely benefit your organization. Let’s take a look at the advantages of using Dry type Transformer generated by Dry Transformer Manufacturer –

  • Reduce Costs: Because our range of dry type stabilizers can be positioned closer to the electrical load, we trim down the length of expensive low voltage wiring. Also, dry-type transformers weigh less so installation and lifting costs are reduced. Downtime for maintenance and assessment is diminished and there is no yearly liquid testing or gasket replacements.
  • Highly Eco-friendly and Safe for Workers: These components are self-extinguishing and non-flammable pose less risk of fire owing to the materials used in construction. Units do not require any drainage vicinity since there is no possibility of ground water contamination or oil leaks.

RECONS, is the leading Dry Transformer Supplier. We have strived to earn our name & honor as first-class exporter electrical Dry Type Transformers with abundant supplies in India and now in South Africa. We are the most dependable companies when it comes to the manufacturing of power transformers! Contact us today at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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